When disaster strikes

Will you have the power to be a hero?

24 Hours after losing power, our modern devices become virtual paperweights, unless we have the civic infrastructure and equipment to be prepared to power a response that allows us to stay in touch with our family and those seeking to give us care.  You can be that crucial link by empowering yourself and being part of the Citizen Power Brigade.



Our solution uses hybrid electric vehicles as a source of mobile emergency power by empowering their drivers to become a new type of first responder: the Citizen Power Brigade (CPB). With our Field Power Kit and a simple cable, we can turn any hybrid electric vehicles into the world’s cleanest, most fuel efficient source of mobile emergency power. In one week using one tank of gas, one HEV can charge 8400 phones in order to provide up to 12 million minutes of talk time for disaster survivors.

Just ONE Field Power Kit that fits the ability to save a critical situation into ONE small duffel bag

Just ONE individual with just ONE hybrid/electric vehicle using just  ONE tank of gas.

Citizens are able to power up to 8,400 phones and other devices providing up to 12 million minutes of talk time


The Citizen Power Brigade's mission is to empower ordinary citizens to become a new type of first responder during disasters. We make it possible for citizens to realize that they can make a huge difference in how they and their community responds to a disaster.  We help to convert an individual's mindset from unsure victim to an active responder without the need to rely on services that might me hours, days or even weeks away.